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Discussion in 'Trading' started by RockTheLurker, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. Turok


    >I can't find the trade on FLEX of which you s
    >peak...however I did find a short on FLEX
    >dated 1/31/01...

    Last night, the only open trade in the "portfolio review" was listed as FLEX as I refered to. This morning, it had been changed to CREE (only the symbol had changed...all the numbers remained the same).

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  2. Turok,

    As I understand it, the portfolio review is just a sample of a trade that is exlpained just below that section????...

    I'm at a loss????

    ....as always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
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    Where on their site is this "portfolio review" you speak of? I see their "track record" page in which CHKP is last trade, but i do not see a "portfolio review". Can you direct me to this?

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  4. Turok


    Rock and Firehawk, on the "members" page it shows current calls (under "new setups for XX date") and current positions under "portfolio review".

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    Oh, I didn't realize you had become a member. What do you make of it? What's going on?
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  6. Good looking site but does it give entry, exit and stop loss?

    Because we all know what happens when you have one but not the other!!!

    Anyway anybody who makes a site like that is obviously not stupid and is probably worth a try.

    Oh and i think nicodemus is a bit simple in the head.

    see ya.
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  7. You traderx trackers need to add wwatson to the list.

    All I will say is that anybody who believes they can get 600% a year will get exactly what they deserve.
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  8. Rigel


    Watson, you'd better find Holmes, and fast!
    Bwaaaahahahaha. ROTFLMAO.
    Oh please, I'm going to have a heart attack.
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  9. nicodemus i think you are old and nigel is wierd, anyway im going to post on a more interesting topic, see ya:) :) :) :)
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  10. MD-doc


    Stock Punter,

    You are really on the "money management " right side !!!

    How did you calculate, the standard deviation of return ?
    Do you use Excel ?

    Thanks and Happy Turkey Eating ...

    MD - doc
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