A New Series "Defensive Money Management Explained"

Discussion in 'Events' started by Lawrence Chan, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. LeeD


    Interesting. Thanks! A sparsely covered topic indeed...

    Is there gonna be Part 3 and maybe 4?
  2. There will be at least several more parts coming - planned to cover at least 5 to 6 more topics.
  3. LeeD


    Is there a plan to also write an article on trade management such as ways to take profit without a defined target, scaling in and scaling out etc?
  4. That will take more than one article to explain.

    Noted it down in my to do list. =)
  5. These are great Lawrence. Very interesting. :) Thank you so much for sharing them. :) They'll be very helpful.
  6. Glad that you like it. You are welcome.
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