A new science solving all your trading issues.....

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by FireWalker, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. The science is Traumology. The author is a trader and this science is training wheels to get your emotions balanced.

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    yes, but traumology is just one factor of the whole psychology
  4. The science assumes people have experienced emotional trauma, they are not psycho.
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    Everyone has experienced emotional trauma. That seems irrelevant. The guy sounds like a narcissist.
  6. Emotional trauma is irrelevant to trading?
  7. You know, this would have a lot more credibility if you just admitted it was your own blog and ideas you are peddling, instead of pretending it is some credible, neutral 3rd party source.

    But I guess you can't advertise for free on ET that way, right?

    "About Me
    Andrew Brown

    aka firewalker http://elitetrader.com"

    You disingenuous Scottsdale jack-off.

    PS your blog is hardly "science". More like "drivel".

  8. Mine? Yes.

    Middle name is Bransford btw.