A new meaning to the X in X-files

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  1. afraid to comment huh, hits too close to home?
  2. 50 whackers read this and failed to comment.

    let me guess, ...couldn't type with one hand?
  3. I don't click on links. Could you provide more details in your post?
  4. I have one word for 'ya Dave: youporn, it's all free. At least it's a cheap addiction.
  5. then how the f$%k did you get to this page?

    you live here?

    wear gloves and a diaper then click away.
  6. I think Duchovny's porn addiction is the result of being anally probed so many times by the aliens.
  7. did you click or did the Aliens get you?
  8. Anyone who would need porn while married to Tea Leoni should be repeatedly bitch slapped.
  9. I alway's thought she was hot-as.

    Personally, i would have no problem watching porn with tea leoni.

    Or making porn with tea leoni.

    I always knew her name was "Tay-ah", or is it tee-ah, rather than "tee", but it could be confusing.
    Anyone for tea? Yes thanks.
    #10     Sep 10, 2008