A new look at the DOM: Jigsaw Trading

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gktk, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. gktk


    Just thought i'd provide a mini review of some very unique DOM and and tape reading software as produced by Jigsaw Trading.

    You always read about trying to find that elusive "edge" in your trading, something I am constantly looking for and about a year ago threw away all the traditional "indicators" and focused on the 2 bits of information i had i.e. actual orders placed via the tape and the orders waiting ie depth.

    Jigsaw Trading launched their versions of the tape which i won't focus on in too much depth, but quick summary below:

    Ninjatrader only atm

    - consolidates split trades back into original order as per CME changes in 2009 i think
    - filter above or below certain trade quantities
    - New buy only or sell only filtering - great to see who is in control at that specific time
    - advances layout editing
    - audio and visual alerts on chart and separate alerts window
    - you can monitor the delta on the tape

    Think a fair bit more is available but above is what I focus on and use, this has helped me immensely in trying to read the tape and admit I have a lot further to go but the tape tools from JT makes things a lot easier to see.

    The DOM or Depth and Sales I have just started using and have been quite blown away by it. It offers a traditional DOM up to the levels offered by your data provider (I use 10 on the YM) as well as actual trades placed at each level.

    Key function which is worth the DOM tool in itself is the fact you can see orders being pulled or added, this at key reversal points is incredible to watch and finally I can see the information that has always been there but in a format that I can understand as a relative newbie.

    The tools are not buy / sell signals or the usual price average over x period but merely give you greater visibility of what is happening, going back to the original point about finding and “edge” the JT tools definitely help in finding that “edge”

    Key things I like as well, it is one off cost and not a lease option. Plenty of valuable tape lessons available on the site with a great FOC course offered to the Depth of Sales customers called “The ES - When To Enter” this is from a successful trader who can actually prove it, almost unheard of for software vendors or any vendors to be honest.

    Why this review, well the tools are very unique and I expect some of the features to be copied by the bigger players in time at a much greater cost also ET users appear to be a more knowledgeable, experienced crowd compared to other forums and might get some value in hearing about what Jigsaw Trading are doing.
  2. RedDuke


    I found it very interesting that there is not much discussions going on Jigsaw products.

    I would be curious to find out why. Their products are quite unique and do offer interesting DOM and T&S info.

    I personally coded similar staff myself and find it extremely helpful for short term trading.