A new group, The Traders Hive

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  1. Bring together people who have something to contribute! You can only become a member if you really have something to contribute. This is a strict policy. This is a high quality group.

    I created a new group on LinkedIn, for high quality trading discussions. If you want to become a member, send a request to join on LinkedIn and state your EliteTrader user ID. Then I review your posts and see whether you can become a member or not.
  2. Amatrue


    mate you have 1 post
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  3. FSU


    Dear Hidden Hand,

    After careful review of all your ET posts, we must decline your admission to our High Quality Group.
  4. Mercor


    I second this motion
  5. Something like a Bee Hive?

  6. volpri


    Dance like a butterfly; sting like a bee.
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  7. henry76


    Truly funny
  8. Nobert


    & flow like a water,
    in the Linked 'n Y.
  9. zdreg


    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

    Groucho Marx
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  10. smallfil


    You have ET troll written all over you. Just earned a permanent block. Good riddance.
    #10     Mar 7, 2021