A New Global Economic Restructuring Announcement!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by sheda, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. sheda


    Confirmation to the Theo groups prediction that the new economy (NESARA) starts 2012. James Martinez reads a statement from representatives of a new global currency that is being announced and slowly integrated into our consciousness as a way to end the tyranny of the current banking systems.


    Can you believe it? Oh im so shocked just woow! wooow wooow!!!!!!!
  2. This is even worse than current system of connected owners of private Central Banks across Europe, Australia and North America

    People who put this into play will make trillions and have supreme control of everything , imo this is extremely dangerous

    No doubt on the top of this pyramid Rothschilds are in power just like in current system
  3. sheda


    Oh I know I know! I am just glad the super powerful elites and the 130 governments world wide, plus the institutions, IMF etc granted "conscious media network" the privilege of broadcasting this to the world before any one else knew a thing of this great change we have coming, not one official media outlet knows a thing, the fact that they choose the conscious media network shows a shift in there energy, a positive shift, so even though a single currency between 17 country's has been a disaster I believe with a positive energy backing it, a global currency may just work!!!!!