A new global currency?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by maxitronixy, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Do you think a new global currency is in the works?

    I can't make a poll for some reason, so some of the options I can think of.

    1. A new global currency
    2. Gold will be the new medium
    3.A basket of currencys will be accepted
    4.The dollar
  2. ammo


    global melt down, an agreement on a global currencie would be honest and out in the open, we havent seen any of that since Bush took office
  3. Lethn


    Wishful thinking, if they are thinking about a global currency I doubt it will be in the best interest of anyone except them.
  4. aegis


    This stuff happens in stages. First, it will be a North/South American currency, then an Asian currency, then some shitty African currency.

    Won't happen overnight.
  5. The only thing that is fair is gold/silver/copper to be the currency of the world.
  6. Lethn


    I was wondering about that peil do you think copper could actually be used in currency? Gold and Silver seem to be the biggest contenders right now but I'm not even sure whether there would be enough of that alone for everyone to trade with.
  7. aegis


    The amount of gold/silver available is irrelevant. The amount in circulation simply gets stretched thinner as less becomes available.
  8. m22au



    Every so often I read or hear on TV the "there's not enough in circulation" argument, which funnily enough is almost never queried.

    If it was queried, it's highly likely the person making the argument does not own any precious metals, and doesn't like the prospect of the heavy depreciation of their paper money versus precious metals.

  9. Global currency won't happen due to individual countries wanting control over monetary policy. Imagine the USA, EU, Japan, China, Russia etc. all agreeing on the same monetary policy...It would be a political nightmare.