A New Futures Broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JamesL, May 8, 2009.

  1. JamesL


    Can anyone recomend a new futures broker to trade the currency futures intraday? I am currently with IB, but their "no intraday margins" policy in effect right now makes it more expensive to trade the futures than the outright spot cash.

    I am looking at Mirus, Amp, Advantage and vCap. I currently use Ninja front end and want a broker that uses it and I am kinda partial to Zenfire feed. I would appreciate any input, good and bad, about any of these firms.

  2. Surdo


    More than satisfied with Mirus Futures with NT/Zen-Fire feed.
  3. JamesL


    surdo, what type of intraday margins do they have?
  4. go with either Advantage or directly through RCG using Ninja on a TT feed. I was partial to Zen-Fire as well until about February, when I started noticing faster fills on limit orders via my TT vs Zen-fire. (was running X-trader side by side Ninja). Both brokers offer roughly 50% initial margin (half of overnight), but the support / pit access / quality filling floor brokers (which may not be needed for your trading) and lowest commissions I've seen outside of IB is worth it. Besides...do you REALLY want to trade on $500 intraday margin?? REALLY???