A new floor trading movie

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  1. Seems like more of a documentary than anything. It's only 64 minutes long. The trailer looks pretty cool and I'd be interested finding out how to watch this.

    Looks like it last premiered at some no-name festival back in early June.

    Here is the description:

    THE PIT - Documentary Feature
    Directed by Johanna Lee - New York

    'The Pit' follows a scrappy group of commodities traders as they try to make a living trading coffee on the New York Board of Trade before electronic trading threatens to make their way of life obsolete.

    If anyone can find out how to watch this, I'd be interested.
  2. Totantaz


    i hope they find some kind of digital distribution deal, or put up a dvd out soon

    i would be a buyer ! :D

  3. Not sure where I found this, but it is really good:


    Documentary called, "Floored."

    Here is the description:

    A world that's more riot than profession, the trading floors of Chicago are a place where gambling your family's mortgage is all in a day's work. Floored offers a unique window to this lesser-known world of finance. These men may not have degrees, but they've got guts, and penchant for excess that solicits simultaneous feelings of revulsion and admiration. But like many aspects of our economy, technology is changing the way these traders do business, and these eccentric pit denizens aren't the type to take kindly to new tricks.

    It is 8 episodes roughly 8-12 minutes long each.
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    I was down on the CBOT financial floor for a couple of years trading my own account, and to me the floor was basically a few "haves" and a multitude of "have nots" in terms of access to order flow. All of that propaganda about floor brokers 'dual trading' for the greater good of market liquidity and the open outcry markets as a 'beacon of transparency' is, to put it politely, gross misinformation.

    The day they started 'Project-A' electronic trading during the off-hours was the day I started making money. Electronic markets are a spread trader's wet dream, and allowed me to implement strategies that I never had access to in the Bond or Note pits.