A new definition of poverty?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Those who, even if they had the money, they just could NOT invest it (for profit, of course).

    This applies from people to companies, to countries:

    People: Those who won the lottery, or those who blew up their inheritance.

    Companies: Those who could not invest further, so they just increase their dividend (thus reducing future market share).

    Countries: Even with massive money from oil (Venezuela, the arabs), or exports (China/India), could not reinvest, so the money just causes hyperinflation, stock and housing market speculation, and deeper poverty in the future to come.
  2. Good post. Your concept?
  3. We're like rats in a maze. Extrapolate every opportunity forward is a dead end. You can never prepare for the next blindside be it regulation, lawsuits, etc. No room for errors, miscalculations are deadly, risks are higher and consequences more expensive than ever before for the simplest endeavors. The insurance industry and trial lawyers have regulated productivity out of every business.
  4. Yeah man you're right about that, unfortunately. Just gotta play jazz I guess.
  5. I like it.... something to think about