A New Contra-Undicator

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  1. Many of you who follow my work have no doubt been astonished at the utter failure of my most recent Undicator, "No-Brainer". It was designed in conjunction with my associate Dr. Duref Mudgins as a simple stoplight trading system for a client who has no brain. The system is in fact also a serious effort to quantify the look of the "no-brainer" trade, the trade that looks, and probably is, too good to be true. In this regard, "No-Brainer" is a resounding success, despite being a miserable failure as a trading system. So as we say here in south North Texas, "Iff'n ya cain't fixit, feecherit!" So I now reveal my first Cuntrary Undicator, see attachment.
  2. LOL the hilarity on ET continues ...

    But it's nice to have a serious thread like this one. :p
  3. I have to disagree, this thread was most misleading.

    I was thoroughly anticipating some sort of revolutionary,marxist, leftist, truly undicating philsophy or concept, something really avante garde in socialist trading terms, and here I find, it has nothing to do with contra rebels at all.

    Nada, zip, squat, bupkis, zilch, zero, nix, nuffin, bugger all infact.

    And I disagree with any disagreement.

    At the very least, this should have been run through a central bureau of undicativeness, to establish its legitimate philosophy, but it appears to have been cast out into the feild, un-shod so to speak, like some sort of satellite state, unsure of what it is supposed to be or do, but roughly certain of its purpose in a broader sense.
  4. Actually man if you do the exact opposite of what your indicator says it appears that you would have made money. At least at a quick glance.
  5. Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no. No-brainers sometimes really are. The point I was trying to make is that looking at pure price alone it is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the start of a real run from one which fizzles out. Hence the need for my other Undicators.
  6. Undicators are unnecessary when trading in ones underwear. I suggest undoing all undicators and once undone without undue begin the process of understanding the markets underpinnings in the underworld. Once this is understood you will no longer need to utter an undicator as all undictors are unnecessary.
  7. Just goes to show my ignorance. I always thought that undicator referred to a visible panty line that shows through a woman's clothing. And these, in turn, offer some of the most fascinating lines of support. Further, the vertical steepness of such lines may provide an implicit indication of the level of resistance.
  8. :D :D you are cracking me up. I am in a trade! Stop it, I keep on laughing instead of executing! :D
  9. Damn, I learn something new everyday. :D
  10. You jokers are the reason a serious analyst like myself cannot get a fair hearing on ET. My substantial oeuvre of nuevo-TA here is focussed on the principle that "nothing works all the time but everything works some of the time" and how to tell the difference.
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