A New Competitor Emerges For The 2012 Darwin Award

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    Broward County Florida is, after all, Florida Liberal Central.

    A Florida man died Friday night after consuming "dozens of roaches and worms" during a contest held by a pet store, police report.

    Edward Archbold, 32, collapsed after winning the repulsive contest at Ben Siegel Reptile Store. Archbold, who was competing for a free python, was stricken outside the Deerfield Beach business, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

    Investigators reported that Archbold "wasn’t feeling well and began to regurgitate" shortly after the contest's conclusion. "He had consumed dozens of roaches and worms," a sheriff’s spokesman noted.

    Archbold was pronounced dead after being transported to an area hospital. An autopsy was conducted, and the Broward County medical examiner is awaiting test results to determined Archbold's cause of death.

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    What a moron. Good riddance.
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  4. He did it to win a free python, as dumb as trying to win lunch win obama.

  5. They should now feed him to the python, although I think pythons won't eat something that's already dead. Yes, this moron gets high marks for this years Darwin award.
  6. If its the white guy in the picture who died I'll bet twenty bucks he's a republican. Although I don't see how you connect this kinda stuff to a political party anyway, both sides got more than there share of dumb.
  7. He's definitely a Democract. The dead fcker is too stupid to be a Republican.
  8. LOL yeppers there ain't no trailer trash republicans, especially not in Florida. But I'd still bet 20 bucks if he's white he's a republican. :cool:
  9. If Obama wins Florida by one vote we can thank the family of Mr. roach eater.
  10. Myself I'm interested in the autopsy report on cause of death.
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