A new bull trap?

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  1. Or another way to say it is "what is moving us higher?" ... Bernake said nothing, Euro zone offered no solutions, U.S. politics is still polarized, debt limiit issues have not been addressed on an meaningfull level. So why is the market getting optimistic? I am not being sarcastic or ironic here, I really dont understand and would like if someone could give me some clues.
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    No news is good news.
  3. The market will interpret news (or the lack of it) in whichever way it wants to, and yes I know what you are thinking now, unfortunately this is what makes the market so unpredictable.
  4. +1, that summarize it !
  5. Or you can say all those and maybe a little more have been over discounted by market by the early August's drop, now is the time to relax, just a little bit.
  6. Sorry it was me covering my shorts.
  7. Dow is not far from turning green for 2011.

    Not too bearish in my eyes.
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    Isn't it technically only a "trap" for those who buy late into the move and then fail to cut any losses short when it reverses?
    IOW it doesn't have to be a trap unless you let it.
  9. bad fills
  10. SP500 intra day chart gives bearish warning after latest counter
    trend short covering rally. Daily and weekly charts remain bearish.
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