A new bubble is being formed?

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  1. Ive given up on waiting for a double dip, it may come in a few years.....

    has a new bubble been formed?
  2. All my goldstocks have been going up 5% every day these last months.

    I feel sick in my stomach just thinking about it.

    I don't want to be the fool buying the dip in the Nasdag in 2000.
  3. I wanted to short the USD and longgold futures last year... then the huge dip in gold scared the hell outta me and the dollar rallied......lol then this gold's gonna soar and USD gonna plunge.

    ben got what a PHD in Depression economics?

    and the best he can do is throw money at the economy?

    all my country's stocks and other asian stocks soaring at what I can;t remeber 27 or 52 week highes?
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    Bernanke is going to create a commodities bubble, or simply put, inflation. Even Natural Gas looks ready to move higher. I think it's a good time to go long Nat Gas futures. Unfortunately, the leverage on that instrument is enough to make you cream your drawers.

    The price of gold and silver heading higher is rather meaningless as far as the economy is concerned because those are discretionary commodities but when the price of crude, natural gas, and food heads into the stratosphere things are going to get much uglier. That's the reason so many countries are opposed to what Bernanke is doing. Every country across the world is going to feel the effects of the Fed's actions. There's trouble on the horizon.
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    Fed options,

    1. Hyperinflation
    2. High taxes
    3. Default
    4. Lies & damned lies.
  6. The bubbles have and are being blown in government debt and the value of the treasury bonds. When that bubble blows, the dollar will collapse, just like so many paper currencies before it.

    I don't see any way it can be avoided at this point, its just a question of when.

    PS: That is why the founders of the nation wrote into the Constitution the requirement for money to be coined, not printed. These dollars will end up much more worthless than the Continental dollars that met the same fate back in their day.

    Those who don't study and learn from history are condemned to repeat its mistakes.
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    It's possible but unlikely that a dollar collapse can be avoided if there is no additional QE after the current "batch" of $600 billion.

    However I think there is a greater than 90% chance of QE2 being expanded, and/or QE3, QE4 and so on.

    I would also add that a 'collapse' in the Euro currency could happen before the same happens to the US Dollar.
  8. 'new bubble' is an old Gold, Gas and Oil...
  9. aint gonna end well.
  10. Its good that nobody but me sees that its the debt that is the bubble.

    Better sell your gold and oil, then...
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