A New Betting Game

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tigerjaw, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Here's something to pass the time with your buddies. Pick out one of the 'True Believers' on this board - - whether they put a D or R after their name, and predict what they will write in their next post on any topic. Place friendly bets with your buddies on what said lab rat will write in their next post. Since these guys are pretty predictable, you'll have to make the bet tougher than if they are gonna take a 'lib' or 'conservative' stand - - that's too easy, & no one will place a bet. Those with extremely high post counts are particularly easy as they have dug quite a mental rut. Easy pickings. Also easy are those who only write in single syllables and can't construct a rational argument. Not enough juice getting to the light bulb. Also easy pickings. - - - Get creative. Its o.k. to refer to their past posts in order to get an edge in the game. On very rare occasions your subject may take a view completely outside of their old thought patterns, but this is very unlikely and not a high risk. The real pros (politicians) know these lab rats can be manipulated very easily. Have fun !

    Disclaimer: This game is for entertainment purposes only & does not encourage gambling of any kind. 'Bets' can be placed in beer (to those of legal age), peanuts, and other salty snacks. Professional politicians are free to grab any booty they can get. Observe all local ordinances - - unless youre a professional politician who has written it in such way as to exempt themselves, of course.