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  1. I am looking to start trading stocks, but as being a total newbie in stocks and knowing from reading other threads what this business is all about I know that i will lose all if I start without getting some experience and plan and practice for some time. 6-12 months minimum from what i already know.
    Meanwhile been trying to get myself some serious demo platform like Realtick with Level II, alarms and multiple windows options and it looks like they all are available only for few days. Kind of test driving with brokers assuming I just need to test drive and then open account and lose my money with them.
    I wonder, is there free unlimited time wise demos of Real Tick and the like platforms to practice with paper money?
    No thinkorswim like platforms as I find it horrible for day trading both spread and execution.
    Any helpful advice will be appreciated.
  2. You can check out thinkorswim or options express you can open free accounts and paper trade live on a demo account. Don't be concerned with level ll I think it is a waste of time, you don't need it to trade. What software do you use to trade.
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    I understand that you don't want to use ThinkorSwim but they do offer Level II quotes, along with a tab called active trader which let's you buy and sell with one click, eliminating the need to confirm. Their commissions are a bit high at $9.99 per trade but they do offer a solid platform with many tools.

    Starting out focus on being a good trader, don't get caught up in the whole I need to find the best platform in the world to be the best trader I can be mentality. In the end a good solid trader can do good in any platform while a bad trader will blow out in the best platform ever.
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