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  1. eli1


    But the software is a subset of realtick - it has the realtick minder - chart - ticker and news module. And the modules are made by Townsend Analytics. And therefore the title "cheap realtick" was quite correct.

    Please get it reinstated.
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  2. Grabbit


    Seems great, this ird.

    Can anyone who took the trial tell me if they have the same scanning feature as RealTick? I did not find anything about it on their website.
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  3. Turok


    >And therefore the title "cheap realtick" was quite correct.
    >Please get it reinstated.

    Well, I for one don't give a rip about the name of the thread and this IRD may just be the ticket for some but let's be straight...by your own admission, the "cheap realtick" is NOT correct.

    You say that IRD has a "subset" of what RT has. You say IRD is "browser based" RT is not.

    "Cheap Realtick" would be just that -- Realtick at a reduced price. Calling it "RT like" could be fair. But it's a bit different so they can't call it RT.

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  4. MoK


    Turok is quite right.

    This is not Realtick - To get realtick please go to http://www.realtick.com or one of their affiliated brokers.

    IRD is simply a different service altogether geared towards european traders and offers customizeable streaming prices, charts and tickers.

    Kind regards,
    Mo Khediri

    PS- I work at ird.com

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  5. Turok


    Thanks for your clarification MoK.

    From the feedback so far on this list, you have a nice product and I wish you the best. Wish it was something I needed so I could take advantage of your pricing.

    #45     Nov 28, 2001
  6. goldnucs


    Would appreciate any insight you could provide about the product. Are there any drawbacks associated with using IRD stateside? Can you maybe summarize some of the differences between IRD and Realtick? TIA

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  7. It's not real tick but it's awful close.

    From the website:

    Real-Time Data
    ir Dynamics customers receive their market data from Fides Information Systems (a subsidiary of Credit Suisse Group), a Zurich based information provider to online traders, broker-dealers and financial institutions worldwide. The software is a collaboration between ir Dynamics and the Chicago based financial software firm, Townsend Analytics. This data includes:

    Streaming real-time data on stocks, futures, equities, options and foreign currencies from all the major exchanges.

    TAL Data's independently generated indices (Gap Open, Percent Weekly Volume, Gainers, Losers, Most Actives, and 52-week Highs and Lows), which update automatically throughout the trading day.

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  8. I wonder if you can set alerts. I know that the alerts in RT are saved on your harddrive and software driven while IRD is a browser plug in.....but then again a techie I am not. Anyone know?
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  9. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Have any of you using the trial tested to see if it can feed any scanning software like Tony Oz's?

    I don't have any but was considering it. The cost of Realtick makes it expensive, but this is more reasonable if it can interface like realtick.
    #49     Dec 1, 2001
  10. Turok


    >Have any of you using the trial tested to see
    >if it can feed any scanning software like Tony

    I have not, but it has been said on this thread that IRD doesn't get it's data from Townsend. If this is the case, I would doubt that Tony's software would interface since it is the Townsend data feed itself (not RT proper) that feeds his scanner.

    Not a fact...just an guess.

    #50     Dec 1, 2001