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    No you can have as many windows as you want - but they have something the call multi chart windows which allow for some linked charts to be displayed at once.

    I have 4 screens and I sometimes run their system with more than 12 charts...
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    Thurok it is AS FAST as realtick .. they have special Activex plugins that just run off the browser, the software is installed on your PC. And you can run a many charts as you want, they just have specially formatted multichart windows for multiframe analysis.

    I have realtick as well and I know what I am talking about.

    You need to see it to beleive it.
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  3. I've been a realtick user for a while now and this IRD is just too good to be true. There's gotta be a downside but after visiting their website I didn't find one. I'm going to give these people a try next week...for heavens sake, $10 for realtime futures from the CME is really a deal...

    I'm in a positiion where I can run Realtick and IRD side by side...and Monday I will.

    Jim B.
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  5. Kicking - check this link http://www.ird.com/features.htm

    They do actually mention that they worked with Townsend (presumably to clone Realtick functionality into browser compatible Active/X plugins - although the benefit of doing that over an RT program clone seems minimal to non-existant) and that they're even using TAL indices. Data appears to come from a Zurich provider, so it's unclear what time delay someone in the US will experience until they actually try it.

    Seems strange that Townsend would go this route, they're potentially undercutting their own product.

    BTW, for whoever mentioned it, the $10 CME exchange fee is probably just for the e-minis. That's the CME's new standard exchange fee to receive just the index e-mini's in realtime.

    If you find that it includes all the CME contracts, that's a great deal but very peculiar - expecially since the fee is charged by the exchange not IRD, so it's unclear how IRD could only charge $10 for all contracts.
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    Anyone have any ideas why in the last few days my real tick layout appears all on 1 monitor.
    If I stretch it out to all 4 monitors and save the layout it is fine until I log off and back on then it's all back on 1.
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  7. Almost too good to be true. You guys have brought up some good points...and I'm interested in checking them out.

    One question I have is about the Java-ness of it. How much does it really matter, if any at all? I mean, we all probably run java stuff from time to time and with the speed of today's processors, it all works quite well...usually.

    About the Chicago Merc fees, you're probably right...that price is for the e-minis...

    The whereabouts of the server would be a major factor for me as well. My data feed comes thru a satellite link so there is a little lag already...if it has to go to Europe and back, then I see a potential problem.
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  8. If you are using a satellite then the additional delay will probably be a fraction of the lag you are already experiencing. I am in Europe and pulling data from Townsend Analytics servers and get 250ms ping times, you are probably getting 4 to 5 times that.

    Open your msdos window and use the following command in the windows directory:

    ping beacon.taltrade.com

    (this is for everyone who's using the TAL feed.)

    The ping times should not exceed 300 ms, and if you are on UUnet backbone, they will probably be close to a 100ms.

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    >My data feed comes thru a satellite link so there
    >is a little lag already...

    Off the subject and something it look like you already know, but if your data comes through a satellite link, there is more lag than through any other common method. It's the law (of physics).

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    >The ping times should not exceed 300 ms, and
    >if you are on UUnet backbone, they will probably
    >be close to a 100ms.

    Voodoo is very close here. I ping Taltrade all day long (pingplotter.exe) from SoCal and average around 60ms. My friend in Denver with fiber to his house pings at 20ms. My sister does the same on a microwave link from NorCal and pings at 180ms. Another friend in the mountains on sat pings at 950ms.

    Sat has no choice but to be the worst when it comes to latency.

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