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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eli1, Nov 23, 2001.

  1. eli1


    It basically is a cut down version for browser based Reatick III for only $50 per month.

    Can't trade through it but has all the non trading features bar

    The site is www.ird.com
  2. monee


    Great site.. can't believe it is so inexpensive! I use Real Tick with comtex news on my 2nd computer which does not have my trading account and spend $175.monthly. Doesn't appear anything is missing and it definately looks like Real Tick.Very strange how they can offer it so cheap.
  3. monee


    interested next week to compare speed of qoutes to realtick. Minor inconvience charts will have times printed in ECT .
  4. eli1


    Yes you are right about ECT, but it never bothered me as I am in europe :)

    As for the speed of the quotes ect... well I was a Reatick subscriber and switched to these guys after making sure their speed was the same.

    The other advantage IRD has (for us non americans) is that not only does it cover all the US markets, but it also covers most european and far eastern markets as well.

    What I also like about them is that when you pay for subscriptions, you do not have to commit for more than one month at time which I find really useful in my case, as I am often taking breaks from trading and therefore I like the option of not having to pay when I am away.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Eldredge


    This looks interesting, has anyone in the U.S. compared the qoute speed to Real Tick? I think I might try their free trial next week.
  6. goldnucs


    wow.......i just briefly looked at the site, however, after using RT for nearly 3 years, i can tell ya, the set-up menus shown in the screen-shot sections are IDENTICAL. I'm definitely gonna give free-trial a shot
  7. Looks pretty cool indeed. What makes you think it's Realtick III, it looks like RT but they don't seem to have anything to do with Townsend Analytics. I love the fact that they have so many exchanges. Also it is browser based how fast is it? not just the quotes but opening/closing windows etc.?
  8. eli1


    Once you load it you will see that it is nothing but realtick.

    They have the minder, the chart, the ticker and the news modules.

    They are talking about adding Level2, turboquote, marketmaker soon.

    Once the program is loaded, it is as fast as realtick as it runs off a browser but the modules seem to be just browser plugins.

    They also have multi chart windows pages where you can have 4 charts up at the same time and you can do stuff like multiframe analysis and that type of thing.

    I really like it and the only thing I miss is Level2... hopefully soon.
  9. Turok


    >Once you load it you will see that it is
    >nothing but realtick.

    >They also have multi chart windows pages
    >where you can have 4 charts up at the same time

    What you've described here doesn't sound anything like Realtick. I keep 18 charts up on my primary RT page.

    >loaded, it is as fast as realtick as it runs off a browser

    Saying in that it is as fast as RT becauses it "runs off a browser" is nonsense. Browser based is much slower code than a native language code app like RT.

    Perhaps it is plenty fast and a bargain for your purposes, but if it's browser based, don't be thinking it's the same thing as RT at a better price. If you need the best in speed, you won't be getting it.

  10. You can only have 4 chart windows at once? I trade S&P emini and I need at least 6 charts on the screen at all times. If I trade stocks I have 3-5 charts of the stocks opened, so at least 10 chart windows.
    #10     Nov 24, 2001