A near miss for Deutschland

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  1. What is the justification for this?

    Germany isn't in Iraq nor are they big supporters of Isreal.

    Some people still clearly don't understand the threat of muslims.

    A Lebanese student has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planting bombs on trains last month which are believed to have been a failed terror attack.
    The man, 21, was detained at the main rail station in the city of Kiel.

    The arrest follows the release of closed circuit TV footage of two male suspects by police on Friday.

    The devices in abandoned suitcases on two trains failed to go off. Police said the bombers had intended to kill large numbers of people.

    The student had been studying in the Baltic Sea port city of Kiel, where he was arrested in the early morning. He had been in Germany since 2004.

    Chief prosecutor Monika Harms said he had apparently been planning to flee the country.

    Reports say police searched his home in the city on Saturday afternoon.

    He is believed to be "one of the two suspects that have been sought since yesterday with the help of video footage that was made public," the public prosecutors' office said.

    In the video, the two suspects - dark-haired young men - are seen wheeling suitcases at Cologne station. Joerg Ziercke, head of Germany's Federal Crime Office, told reporters in the city he was confident that "we caught the right suspected bomb planter here in Kiel today".

    Second suspect

    Investigators first thought the bombs were part of a blackmail attempt, but they now believe the incident was the work of a terrorist group based in Germany.

    Faulty construction may be why the devices failed to go off

    A note written in Arabic, a telephone number in Lebanon, and packets of starch with labels in Arabic and English were found alongside the devices.

    The authorities say they are investigating a possible link to Lebanon but they also haven't ruled out a link to Pakistan.

    The identical suitcase bombs were fitted with timers set to go off 10 minutes before the trains arrived in Dortmund and Koblenz.

    Police think they failed to detonate because of a construction flaw.

    While the German authorities said the arrest is a major breakthrough in their investigation they warn that the second suspect is still at large.

    Security has since been stepped up at German airports, and the rail authorities have announced they are installing more closed circuit TV cameras at stations.
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    There are German soldiers in Afghanistan. Germany is also a close US ally and there are 70K US soldiers stationed there.

    It could be also simple logistics. If you live in country X, it is easier to plan something there than to travel 2-3000 miles and execute a similar plan far away from home...
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    ...sounds like a justification. Well, at least you've expose where your allegiances lie.

    "There are Us Soldiers stationed in germany. Let's go blow up civilians on German trains!!!!"
  4. What is says to me is that it the reasons the savages always give for justifying their murdering is total bullsh*t.

    It's a clear indication that they want to destroy our way of life.

    Europe better wake up.

  5. Holmes


    The 70K soldiers who are there are a part of a) an occupying force after WWII and b) against the old "USSR threat".

    To most Germans the US is not regarded as a close alley. Their participation in Afghanistan may well be as a part of their obligations to the UN.

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    It is all about perception. It is completely enough if one person thinks that way. By the way, those were not necesserily my thoughts, I just told you guys how the guy could have been thinking. He was maybe a bad history student. He wouldn't be the first one...

    Most people are unable to put themselves into other people's shoes....
  7. On my way to work, I heard on NPR that a Lebanese student was arrested by the Germans for plotting and placing the bombs. Plans to kill innocent commuters like that carried out in Mumbai a few weeks ago, seems to be a growing fad with these terrorists.