A nation on the brink

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  1. There is a common thread that is running through our political system, corporate America and our military. The lack of leadership is staggering. The best and the brightest? I think not! At least not at senior levels in all three areas.
    The disaster at Fort Hood is just another stunning example of "leaders" that were either too incompetent, or too frightened of what speaking up might do to their career. Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, Fort Hood base commander, should be relieved of command immediately, as should every single officer that was in command, or has associations with Major Hasan. Further, all those in the FBI, CIA and any other intelligence/law enforcement agency that had knowledge of Hasan's actions prior to the attack should be terminated and brought up on charges of crimes against the United States of America.
    Sadly, none of that will happen. Just as in the economic disaster brought upon us by corporate and political leaders have skated, so will the military leadership. These people, every damn one of them, think of one thing and one thing only...their personal career aspirations. Their thought process begins and ends with, what will this do do me, what will it do for me, and how can I gain from any decision that they make. Real leaders step up and do the right thing regardless of what it does to them personally. These worthless pieces of shit aren't even close to that.
    A nation that is this rotten at the top cannot prevail.
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    It's rotten at the bottom, too. The American Dream has become, "get rich, quit working, and let others serve me." It's no accident that poker has gotten such esteem, or that the world's economy was brought to "the brink" by other types of gamblers.
  3. 1) The leaders that are left, shut the hell up if they know what's good for them.

    2) the only choice they have is to run the idea past the legal dept.

    3) this country is run by consensus of fear


    Privately everyone in the room knows what needs to be done, publicly no one will say it, let alone take action.

    Ft Hood....

    Everyone is in high gear trying to disprove how stupid we are when in plain view we do stupid things.
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    Not speaking up because of an ongoing investigation is one thing. Not speaking up because of political correctness is another. Was political correctness a restraining issue in any decisions or ongoing investigations? Maybe that should be explored. Not disputing your assessment of the leaders, just saying this PC bullshit is becoming a real problem for this country on many levels.
  5. Just look at the flying imams. the airline buckled and paid them and that was one of the most transparent set ups ever seen by mankind.

    We are a nation of pussies becuase of the left's PC crap.

    God forbid but if we are attacked again I hope it's in beverly hills, san francisco or hollywood.
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    The point of "political correctness" is to put an end to the discrimination over superficial human attributes that history has shown us entirely too much of. That we might err in the opposite direction from a decidely non-"pussy" like Adolf Hitler might not be the worst thing we could do. It's not a perfect world, even as evolution carries us forward (hopefully), errors will still be made.
  7. This is a good case to support FISA. If he was talking with extremist outside the country this program shouls have caught it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's people might have sat on the program and never put it to the proper use.
  8. It's not a perfect world, even as evolution carries us forward (hopefully), errors will still be made.

    Spoken like a true politician.

    "Errors will be made"

    People died.
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    Could you just imagine? The military arrests a peaceful moose limb who had served honorably but expressed dismay at being sent to Iraq. Holy crap! It would have been "blatantly obvious" to two losers who post here that he was being persecuted for his faith and his sentiments regarding the WoT. The One has already come down on the side of the protected class without knowing the facts so we could expect he'd do the same again. Whoever made the decision to arrest would have been hung out to dry unless he had rock solid evidence - and I do mean rock solid.

    Just another price we pay to live in our politically correct world. Best get yourself in a protected class. Like black lesbian muslim paraplegic. Heh, you could shit on your boss's desk right in front of him and they couldn't fire you.
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    Spoken like a hand-wringer, all appeal to emotion.
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