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    I know this might not be trade related question but I there was no thread on mutual funds so I would appreciate if anyone has an input:
    I am looking for about 5 mutual funds to invest with the following categories:
    1- Return of over 10% in the last 5 years.
    2- No load
    3- Minimum investment of less than 10K
    4- No year should have a negative return. I don't like to see high volatility like one year return of 60% and the next year -10%. I prefer to see constant over 10% return.
    I used Yahoo and Msn fund screener but their search criteria was not complete enough.
    If you give me a list please also tell me which search engine you used to get that list.
    Basically I like to see a slow straight upward ramp as the chart.
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    The best mutual fund data I know of is Investors' Fact Track (http://www.fasttrack.net/). Their subscription includes all the software you need to find what you are looking for, if it exists. They also have an active investor community where you can share ideas.
  3. I'm currently looking at using them for mutual funds

    Right now i'm using Tradestation (Since that's what i 'grew up' on in my futures trading education), but it is a pain to have to keep manually importing my own mutual fund data into it and have like 40 charts open and be moving back and forth trying to juggle them all.

    Does FastTrack (i'm dl'ing the demo as we speak, but your comments are very welcomed :D ) allow me to do what Tradestation willl - i.e., create my own strategies and be able to have an entire portfolio view of them........so basically everything TS can do, but focusing solely on mutual funds so I don't have to go out of my way to get the data on them and whatnot.
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    Thanks for the help. Basically I am looking for a couple of mutual funds for passive investing (invest and contribute monthly and forget it) that has much better performance than CD with less return and not worrying in down market.
  5. A very good balanced fund for "buy and hold" is OAKBX.
    Three year Sharpe ratio= 1.65 beats most hedge funds.

    A good low expense fund is VPCCX.
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    Fasttrack could answer these questions instantly.

    OAKBX is closed to new investors.

    The best risk/reward fund I know of is HSGFX, Hussman Strategic Growth Fund.

    HSGFX started trading on 11/21/00 and the average annual return to date is $13.81%. The maximum drawdown is 6.98%

    OAKBX during the same time period had an average annual return of 12.01% and a MDD of 16.36%.

    Sharpe ratio of HSGFX is 1.22 and OAKBX is .82.

    HSGFX is the only buy and hold mutual fund I would own.

    I have an IRA where I keep 40% HSGFx and 60% PRPFX and then trade off 10% of PRPFX when the S&P goes below its 200MA and use that 10% to buy BEARX for an additional hedge.

    If you'd like to look at a great mutual fund site on hedging and market neutral investing by a guy who has nothing to sell and has almost legendary status in the small world of mutual fund trading check out this site:

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  8. How about a good REIT fund?

    REIT yields in general are sky high right now, and IMO this is the right spot in the interest rate cycle to invest.

    MFA (3.47%)--------.05 quarterly dividend
    ANH (4.17%)--------.08 quarterly dividend
    NLY (4.58%)--------.13 quarterly dividend
    KFN (5.70%)--------.32 quarterly dividend
    LUM (5.84%)--------.11 quarterly dividend
    RWT (6.27%)------.70 quarterly dividend
    SFI (8.15%)--------.7325 quarterly dividend
    FBR (8.91%)--------.20 quarterly dividend
    RAS (9.48%)--------.61 quarterly dividend
    NCT (9.55%)--------.625 quarterly dividend
    TMA (10.76%)-------.68 quarterly dividend
    AHR (10.94%)-------.28 quarterly dividend
    AMC (11.36%)-------.40 quarterly dividend
    AHM (12.91%)-------.91 quarterly dividend
    HCM (13.33%)-------.25 quarterly dividend
    MHL (14.59%)-------.48 quarterly dividend
    BMM (16.67%)-------.38 quarterly dividend
    IMH (18.24%)-------.45 quarterly dividend
    NFI (19.16%)-----1.40 quarterly dividend
    NEW (19.38%)-----1.65 quarterly dividend
    SAX (19.44%)-------.50 quarterly dividend
    FICC (20.52%)------.51 quarterly dividend
    AIC (22.84%)-------.35 quarterly dividend
    ECR (30.00%)-------.18 quarterly dividend
  9. While we are on this topic of yields. Might I point out a stock I recently spotted with a hefty dividend yield and rather low valuation. FBR, Friedman, Billings & Ramsey. Yield currently at approximately 12.50%.
  10. FBR=Another REIT. The fed has signaled the rate hikes are almost over, and REIT's are beaten up & out of favor- that's where you find value.
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