A must watch video made in 1948...

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  1. School kids in America don't give a crap about some silly video. They only care about the latest style of Nike's imported from Indonesia and the latest Samsung phone imported from Korea and of course the latest iPod imported from China or Japan.

    They're too busy screwing around and their parents are too busy watching dancing with the stars when they're not cashing their food stamps at the local food4fatsos grocery store.
  2. It is our choice to allow them to keep up this attitude.

    We should have had this in the schools years ago, as now the critics will cry propaganda, but it is never to late to TRY to start.

    This video should play in every school, every workplace, every subway, every train station, every museum, every ballpark, etc. 24-7...
  3. Interesting how it references the American auto industry.
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    Russian Rhapsody (Gremlins from the Kremlin) was much more entertaining propaganda.


    And plenty more WWII propaganda cartoons:

    http://www.youtube.com/results?sear...w2 world war two cartoon&v=EV65XRN1lU0&page=1
  5. While I generally agree with the video's message...the truth is that we have not been a nation since 1865 when the civil war destroyed the nation. Since then we have lived under a dictatorship...albeit well hidden from the public, but still a dictatorship! Part of the truth can be found in Griffin's "Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve," but you will have to dig into other places. Do a search on "national emergency" - check the Constitution for it...you'll understand better :D

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    capitalism is nice and all... until a few wealthy capitalists take over the government and use it against the people
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    That's why you need a right proper government. One not limited by the constitution, but empowered by it. Kind of like we had. And voters that know TANSTAAFL (look it up all of you who have no clue which is most of you). Kind of like we had, but those people are very few and very far between nowadays. Once the voting population is more interested in handouts from Uncle Sam than in any sort of self reliance or even skepticism of freebies, it's over - the fat lady has sung.
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    Non-existent free lunches aside, the only reason that dynamic exists is because of the one regret Thomas Jefferson had -- the lack of a constitutional amendment prohibiting the federal government from borrowing money to fund it's operations.

    None of the crap the republicans and democrats have crammed down onto the American taxpayer would have been possible had that one amendment existed.
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