A must watch for future Traders/Analyst

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  1. It isn't. If you are simply trying to scare away competition, it isn't going to work. The losers are going to believe this bunk, not the traders who are going to make it. Actually, you need the people who are not going to make it, you need them in the market - don't scare them away. OK?
  2. You know what sucks? What really sucks? Where in the hell is part four?
  3. They are mislabeled and part 3 is actually part 4. There is one part missing from the beginning apparently. I enjoyed the videos.
  4. Redneck


    Hard to beat common sense – know when you’re wrong and get out

    Too bad those wizards didn’t have any – well on second thought not really – because that is the real inner beauty of market – to me

  5. sjonas50


    Those are cool videos. Pretty cool to see some "behind the scenes". Kind of reminds me of the book "Rigged". Awesome book btw.
  6. Andyroki


    Thanks, enjoyed the video.
    To prove to myself if chart reading works I ended up writing a program to user real market data and see if based on charts alone I can predict price movement. So far I came to conclusion that it seems possible. If you want to play with the program you can find it here Turtrades . It is kind of similar to ChartGame