A Must See Movie

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  1. I would rather have my toilet overflow than have to watch this garbage.
  2. I watched it and enjoyed some parts and was sickened by others.

    Michael Moore is an effective exploiter of social hysteria and I often wonder how genuine he is in his concern for the subject at hand.

    His Oscar "speech" still makes me nauseous.
  3. What really causes so much violence in America?
    Is it the guns? Is it the paranoia of fear that is constantly fed through our news broadcasts? - after all, violence on tv produces big ratings and huge profits in the theaters.... it also could be influencing how people will react to different situations. The Canadian kids laughed at how no one would pull a gun on another person just because of a conflict or a dislike yet it does happen in the US.

    I thought the little cartoon about whites fearing blacks to be totally offbase and ridiculous.
    Our neighbors to the north have an interesting take on locked doors and their news broadcasts seem a little more civil.
    I wondered what Chuck did with that picture of the little girl.
    I think John Nichols, well, lets say we should keep an eye on that guy. Anyone want to guess why he didn't want the camera in his bedroom?

    Roger and me was a better doc. but this was worth watching.
  4. Pabst


    No prejudice or racism intended, just facts. In NYC, Chicago, and most other Northern U.S. cities the homicide rate among whites is about on par with major European cities. Here in the Chicagoland area only about a dozen of 500 murder arrests in any given year are of non-hispanic whites. As far as a white shooting ala' Columbine.... hardly limited to the U.S. Do those smug Canadians forget the nut in Montreal who shot and killed a dozen or so female classmates at his University several years ago. Also mass murders in the last decade, a City Hall in suburban Paris, school shooting in rural Germany, 20 grammar school children murdered by a weirdo in the U.K.

    To misquote Al Franken (another moron) "Michael Moore is a big fat idiot".
  5. here's a real must see movie:

    "the shawshank redemption"

    must see tv:

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    "life is a house" with Kevin Kline ..... watch this one TripleA... much better than ur shit overflowing......peace
  7. :D brother triple K inthebeltway... easy does it...
    nobody is taking away your right to live in fear, burn crosses, hate people, or kill the innocent:cool: :cool:
  8. What a relief.
  9. Why did it make you nauseous?
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