a must read. " THE GRAPES OF WRATH "

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    it's coming again.

  2. dust bowl?
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    what I remember most from the book is the young mother breast feeding the old man.
  4. Yeah, that and the ex paster getting his skull bashed in.
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    I can see it now. Thousands of busted Manhattan traders piling their $6,000 leather sofas on top of their 500SLs and trudging out to California to pick grapes, begging gas and burying Grandma on the way.

    And if we truly do shut down the borders from Mexico, picking grapes may, for many, be a lot more lucrative than trading. And the weather is better. And I hear Coppola isn't such a bad employer.

    Could happen.
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    well, just a thought. maybe a dry hot summer, we already have a small grain stock carry over. and then the stock market falling and people losing their homes , jobs...... it's not that far fetched, is it??

  7. what I remember most from the book is the young mother breast feeding the old man.

    Great book. Movie was great too but the book was better.
  8. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make a reference to "The Grapes of Wrath".

    So let me get this straight.....GW Bush gave you TWO recessions.

    You voted the republicans in TWICE???????

    You got what you all deserved...ROFLMFAO!!!

    Fuck yuz!
  9. Please explain exactly how it is that GW gave us two recessions. What specifically did GW do to cause these recessions you speak of. I Never voted for the man, so bash him all you want as long as you can back it up.
  10. Not making a choice is making a choice, a choice not to act. What did bush do to prevent the recession, as near as I can tell, nothing, and nothing is something.

    What did he do to excentuate the problem? Borrow money that transferred wealth from the poor to the rich. Who cant pay now? The poor. The economic contraction is not about how far down it will go, but how far up.

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