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    There's now a lawsuit pending that could blow the lid on the current system. Should be of interest to traders. The lawsuit arises after billions in Federal Reserve Bonds are stolen from a trustee of the Dragon Family (apparently the former ruling family of China before the communist take-over). Carriers for the thieves were stopped at the Italian border crossing into Switzerland with 134 billion in bonds. Apparently, this represents only a fraction of paper assets the Dragon Family holds, and may have been exposed to thieves in hopes it would be stolen, to reach goal of a wider scope. Something like 138 nations may be getting on board this, or similar lawsuit, aided by the work done to make this one possible.

    Like me, you'll be introduced to a history of shenanigans you that may sound familiar, but you may also be surprised by a new viewpoint on the scope of the intrigue. I'm hoping to generate comment by anyone who might have some insight on this, or to offer something from a traders perspective. Generally, this spells good news if the lid is blown and the perps are stopped sooner than later.

    There are economic ramifications about this article that i'm not yet understanding fully. But as i understand it, there was an agreement in 1921 about centralizing the gold assets of the world as the lesser of two evils, in order to prevent ongoing global war. You may be aware of the US confiscation of gold in the 30's. But were you aware that WWII was very much about collecting the rest of the gold from the rest of the world to be put in a general trust? Were you aware that Emperor of Japan kept his agreement in the matter? Were you aware of exactly how much gold booty they deposited in various places around the Philippines? And were you aware that ever since, some of the players in this game have not been playing fair? It appears that this huge centralized trust has been virtually confiscated for the use of a cabal of less-than-benevolent players to pay themselves and their buddies in a bid to dominate the world in a way they see fit? This group has proposed a WWIII as a way of reducing the world population by 4 billion, while sitting on (suppressing) technology that would largely support the current population and more.

    The Dragon Family has recently found a way to potentially change the game in favor of the peoples of the world, and to put these assets (Dragon Family assets and more) under the kind of management they were intended for.

    It's a lot to wrap your head around. Open your mind and check it out. Comment back here!