A Must-have Firefox Add-on!

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  1. This Firefox extension is fantastic, so I thought I'd share the find :). It's for capturing, editing/highlighting, organizing, local searching, and note taking.
    Check out the web site: Scrapbook Extension
    Or at the Mozilla-firefox site: Firefox Add-ons
    btw, don't forget... Support OpenSource sw. :cool:
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    Just to let you guys know, the newest version of Firefox is having issues with past Extensions not working (version 1.5). I lost compatibility with 2 of my favorites :mad: , I'm sure there will be a workaround coming out soon. I would still recommend to download the latest version, firefox is known to pack in alot of security updates everytime it publishes a newer version.
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  4. useful extension, thanks for the heads-up
  5. Scrapbook Update

    ScrapBook won 'Most Useful Upgraded Extension' prize in Extend Firefox Contest.


    Firefox Contest Winners

    Version 1.0 has been released with new features.

    Do yourself a favor a give this extension a try, especially if you do any type of web-based research. I use it all the time.
  6. I like "antipagination", "NoScript" and "FasterFox".
  7. You gotta go through them and test them out. There are many that are useful. I have about 50 installed.
  8. After tracking earlier versions of firefox (but keeping Avant Browser because its lighter on memory, tabbed like ff, seems as fast to use, and much faster to load) I was impressed enough by this discussion to download 1.5


    Earlier versions didnt affect the installed software but after running 1.5 I find that avant no longer renders pages in the same way. Does anyone know what the new version of ff is doing graphically and how to stop it? I'd like to run both as options but I'm going to be forced to revert and try to get Avant back to normal if I can't solve this problem.
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    I had Flash, Shockwave and Quicktime all stop working in Firefox after I upgraded from 1.0 to 1.5. Still havent figured out why.
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