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  1. an adequate set up for me, would be for my laptop to connect to 2 external monitors with the same resolution as my laptop 1920x1200.
    I saw a youtube video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRo8DOZKhy8
    would this Triton (a bargain compared with matrox dual head 2go?)allow my lenovo laptop T61p to attach to two monitors, since it can attach to one monitor already.
    any opinions on this USB attached Triton?
    OR perhaps buy a macbook pro which has loads of desktop space, and attach it to one of their 27" displays for even more? this dual monitor set up should be sufficient.
    which would have more desktop space, 3x 1920x1200 or macbook pro at 2880 x 1800 and a 27" thunderbolt display at 2560-by-1440
  2. i ran two monitors off a dell vostro 3700 laptop with no problems. One off the hdmi port and one off the vga. Except the laptop fan was irritating so I moved to a dell xps 8500 desktop with a high end video card that runs a dell 30 inch monitor.Much better. And can add many monitors to it if I want later. But honestly this 30 inch monitor is like 4 monitors in 1.
  3. nice, when you ran two monitors extra on your dell vostro 3700 laptop (=> 3 screens) did you require any additional hardware like matrox , or did you simply connect into the laptop's HDMI and VGA sockets?
    the higher the resolution the more the desktop space right? what resolution is the 30" monitor giving you?
    does anyone know if microsoft's silverlight will run on a mac? just that I use www.freestockcharts.com for charts, which requires it
  4. Actually the laptop only had Intel Integrated Graphics. And yes simply connect to the sockets.

    The 30 inch is 2560 x 1600 resolution. Which was another reason I went with a desktop w/high end vid card, the laptop maxed out resolution @ 1920 x 1200 as I recall.

    The color and sharpness of the 30 inch make my old 24 in monitors look like trash lol.
  5. Did you have all 3 screens operational and able to open different pages on each screen?

    The only info I can get off my laptop is that the video card is an "Intel HD Graphics".
    What operating system were you running? I've heard that windows 7 is difficult to configure the 3 monitors.

    I’ve ordered a HDMI to VGA cable that should arrive in a couple days. I hope it is that simple.
  6. If you want to drive two additional monitors, there is this adapter:


    Targus ACA039US

    got this from a tech guy.

    have one on order.

    running one extra flat off a laptop now using the hdmi port

    hooking a second flat off the vga port at the same time does not work.

    the targus box will add 2 flats using a usb 3.0 port out and the hdmi should still work for a third flat.

    will advise once i have the rig running.
  7. I am having trouble getting all three screens to show up.

    I connected one monitor to VGA outlet, one to the HDMI outlet.

    Computer running windows7 will only let me view 2 monitors.

    Is there a secret to getting all 3 to run?
  8. Thanks for the explanation. Couple other posters said they had done it so i tried. Ordered a USB Video card today.
  9. Delivered and installed today;
    "IOGear USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card GUC2020DW6"
    Had to download windows7 drivers from IOGear website other than that in was a really simple plug and play operation. Now running laptop plus I'm able to extend to 2 external monitors

    Works like a hot damn!!!:D :D
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