A movie to awake the masses of dummies

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  1. Coming out this August in a theater near you....but what about Batman isn't that more important??

    But mommy I don't like movies with sad endings.

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  2. I have been looking forward to this movie release....should be a good one! :cool:

    www.infowars.com group should all be out for the movie opening here in Austin.....cant wait! :)
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  4. I would have to say that link post is uncalled for in this case. How does it relate?

    WTF are you thinking when posting that link? Just wondering.

    Warning: The video he posted is vulgar.
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  7. OK and? What's the point of this film? To convince Americans to pay more taxes?

    It's obvious they are not even going to scratch the surface behind what is really going on.
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