A movie star amongst us

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Daryn, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Daryn



    I was trying to think of which movie it was that I may have seen you in.....was it perhaps JACKASS?
  2. monkey


    FPC is a nice guy. You are just too sensitive.
  3. FPC is ROCK SOLID!!!

    Do you know how much he made today???

    We are both alcoholics that resist social standards of going to AA (Alcoholic Anonymous.... just in case you're stupid to understand).

    His independent mind makes him a good trader...

    Brother FPC, you are my mentor...
  4. Sorry WD, but you ARE the same guy who claims Optional777 is God.

  5. Yes...

    Nitro is crazy.

    Surf is Arch Bishop Don Juan.

    777 is GOD.

    Don is GOD beyond GOD.

    Brother Candle is a genius.

    Bobcathy(Cathy) is my fantasy....

  6. I hope we have a movie star amongst us....because clearly we don't have a comedienne amongst us.....You are not funny....I think you have insecure homosexual thoughts about Mr. pussycat...hence you mock what you so deeply desire...sad:(
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    Hmmm...just what fantasy are we talking about WD?:D