A.Most Traded Government Bonds. B.Cash or Futures. C.24H?

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    Dear All,


    A. May i know which are the most traded government bonds?

    I have the following list. Would someone be kind enough to fill in 7 to 10?
    1. US 2 yr T note
    2. US 5 yr T note
    3. Us 10 yr T note
    4. US T bond
    5. German Bund
    6. UK Gilt

    B. Investors/traders usually trade in the underlying or futures bonds?

    C. If i am not mistaken, the US 2,5,10 yr T note and T bonds are the only ones that are traded almost 24 hours, whereas others like German Bund and UK Gilt only trades during normal hours?

    Thank you.
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    Three-Month Canadian Bankers' Acceptance Futures (BAX)
    SGX 10-year JGB Futures
    Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond Futures (CGB)

    I hope this helps.
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    Many traders keep on the 10 year (ZN) since stock prices are influenced by iit. The Fed & central banks are active at times in it. It i the most liquid instrument on the planet.

    I like the Ultra bond (UB) as well with it's big price ranges and lower cost to trade in relation to its price ranges.
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  4. 7. Ultra US bond futures
    8. German bobl futures
    9. 10y Aussie govt bond futures
    10. JGB futures

    There are a couple of others mentioned already... On Eurex, there are also Italian and French bond futures, as well as the long-dated German buxl.