A Most Beauthiful Sucker's Rally: 7/17/2008

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  1. Wow. Textbook.

    Financials will be taken out to the woodshed tomorrow.

    This is where all you fast, nimble and non-greedy traders could have made a healthy, fast profit trading around the cones.
  2. Kris


    For the sake of my puts I hope you're right
  3. 50_Bip


    Here's hoping..
  4. JOEY O

    JOEY O

    Expect crude oil to catch back up to last friday's heights as well.
  5. Hope has caused the ruination of many traders.

  6. The simple fact that we rallied doesn't make it a suckers rally before the fact. Let's see how we perform on a retracement over the next couple days and weeks. We could easily rally to 1330/1350 and still qualify for a textbook oversold rally that will collapse under its own weight. It's way too soon to tell.
  7. True enough, but MER took the wind out of the financial sails, while GOOG and MSFT back-doored tech.

    IBM did beat, though, yet there's no confidence AH.
  8. bh_prop


    After a vertical 600+ point run off the lows in the last 48 hours a pullback shouldn't be a big surprise. Don't make more out of it than what it is
  9. HOPE has a zero percent effectivity rate as a technical indicator! :D
  10. Rocko1


    "Ruination" :D
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