A more powerful "ignore" feature needed

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by michaelscott, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. The current "ignore" feature on this website is too primitive.

    When a user is ignored:

    1) we still see the threads they create
    2) we still see their writing when its quoted
    3) they can still use their other ids to reply to your thread

    I wish an improved "ignore" feature could be created where we could block out:
    1) The entire thread they have created and not just block out the single message.

    2) all of their writings even if another person quotes it in the text

    3) the entire ip address for that user. The IP address seems readily available to the webmaster of this site. They could program a feature whereby messages could be ignored that originate from all ip addresses by that user and thus blocking out all their other ids as well.

    As well, I wish there was a way for the thread creator to block out certain disruptive users from their posts.
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    Dude---You've got "issues".
  3. Yes a more powerful ignore feature is needed

    I would suggest putting out a contract on the person and erasing them from the face of the earth..scrubbing government records and any reference to them in the media.

    I think that should do it.


  4. I think I do have serious issues. My issue is that when I log onto a website like elitetrader I expect to discuss the markets in a serious manner. Maybe my expectations are somehow misplaced. Maybe this isnt the place to post up charts or talk about fundamentals or whatever.

    Somehow I'll just have to live with the squatters in the politics&religion section who use this forum as their Google search publication platform. I'll have to live with the "stocktrader" and "bluestreak" ids who are just here for god knows what.

    What can I do? Does anyone here want to seriously make money or just fool around, play and be psycho?
  5. Okay so lets get serious here for a moment

    There are after all, serious implications to Michaels comments

    For one, I have noticed with regret the many threads started by T28, and his many aliases.

    Unlike other threads, the original poster starts with a provacative comment, suggesting that he has a point to make. When asked what point he wants to make, it all degenerates into shit...

    Truth of the matter is, he doesn't have a point to make, it is all for his entertainment. He wants to rant about "Jack" and "SCT"...

    When you put the guy on ignore, he simply develops another alias..and we are back where we started.

    Someone had better decide what they want to do on this subject, because those of us who provide content are getting to the point where we are going to leave the site.

    Further, I would guess Baron's advertisers are getting a little ansy. This is after all, just an Internet Billboard site, one of many and the barriers to entry are not high...

    Hope someone will give this a little bit of thought before its too late. T28 has already suggested that Baron cannot keep him off the site, and that he will simply keep on developing new aliases. I think the ball is in Baron's court if he wants to prevent his business from turning into the analogue of an Internet "vacant lot"....

    Good luck folks.

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    All you can do is liberally use the ignore function. A power ignore would be cool, but the current one isn't so bad. I ignore certain posters' new aliases at least once daily. It's actually quite fun, like playing a real life version of whack-a-mole!

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  7. Other moderated sites I am aware of simply ban the IP address of a troll. Of course there may be unwanted side effects but that is the usual procedure for dealing with intractable and incorrigible cases.
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    1) get
    2) a
    3) life
  9. Take. Your. Meds.
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    Doesn't work these days. Too easy to mask IP addy.
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