a mobile monitor to add to the laptop?

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  1. mounafia



    I would like to know what I can use as a mobile monitor.

    Let explain myself. I am often abroad for the job and I would like to have a monitor to add to my laptop in order to trade in hotels.

    for the moment I just use the laptop, but I am used to have 2 screen and I would like to feel at home....the only problem is the wheight. I don't feel like being very heavy in airport.

    So I would like to have a mobile monitor not very heavy with what I could travel easily. (not a house monitor).

    does a mobile monitor exists? or is it better to just have a second laptop?

    any idea?

    thanks and sorry for the english mistakes
  2. borsaci


    I do the same occationally.

    I bt the Shuttle XP17 LCD

    You can probably find smaller but this one is a little more rugged than most LCDs (the screen can withstand more pressure). Also the stand folds in and is not bulky

    There is also a carrying case for it.

    This monitor may be hard to find as it is relatively old, fyi
  3. I use a Samsung SyncMaster 740N as a second
    monitor for travel. It is 17", made for desktop
    but fairly light and small so it fits neatly
    into a (generic) laptop case.
  4. mounafia



    I did a google search and here whar I found about the product you talked about


    looks very nice indeed and it has been designed for traveling it seems

    Exactly what I was looking for.

    If someone has some other idea, feel free.

    I am still hesitating to just buy a secont laptop that I could connect to the principal one.

    What are the pro and con of each system?
  5. jumper


    some new laptops are very light. does anyone know if you can hook up two laptops together. (using one just as a monitor?)
  6. What is your opinion of this ..... 14" $150
    http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicat...Sku=M333-1419&SRCCODE=NEXTAG& CMP=EMC-NEXTAG

  7. mounafia


    hello F9

    I get an error when I follow your link

    What is the name of the model?

  8. Hyvision MV142 14" Widescreen LCD

    weight around 3 lbs, complete with integral fold flat stand.

    www.tigerdirect.com has it at $150
  9. jumper


    nice find!
  10. I have been thinking about a traveling monitor for ages and this thread promoted me to go looking.

    If the knowledgeable crowd here give it the nod then I will grab one

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