A minimalist KISS Options Auto-Trading for TDA CashAcct

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  1. A minimalist KISS Options Auto-Trading for TDA CashAcct

    I soon will start writing a simple auto-trading program for options trading using the API of TD Ameritrade.

    It will be a Linux command line program, written in C/C++, w/o GUI, proprietary (ie. not open-source, but the replaceable system-module can be open-source).
    It will be a program that runs unattended, incl. logging of everything, optionally with console input/output for monitoring and minimal interaction.

    To keep things simple, initially it will work only with a CashAcct, and trade only LongCall, LongPut, and ShortPut (the latter as Cash-Secured Put).

    Intended for doing daytrading and swing-trading, but of course not HFT, also not streaming, but rather using on-demand snapshot data (the TDA API has a limit of 120 requests per minute or so).

    Since true option spread trading is not possible in a CashAcct (ie. which that reduces the CashReq),
    then it suffices if the program treats each position independently. Ie. no basket or multi-leg trading. This simplifies things significantly.

    The most important part of the program is of course its replaceable system module, which the program applies to all option positions in the portfolio.

    Any other important points to consider?

    If anybody else is interested in participation then PM me. But I can't promise anything.

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  2. Does it generate a gain with relatively low standard deviation of returns? If so, how?
  3. It's up to the system module, which is replaceable. Ie. one can use his own system.
    Such systems have to be developed yet (or just coded if one already exists).

    I surely can create such a system with such desired properties like in your above writing. But it takes some time, several weeks.
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  4. easymon1


    Yes. How can I get one?
  5. It's not ready yet :) Will take some months.
    Details will have to be worked out then, will then be announced.

    FYI: there are already some other similar products with much more features, NinjaTrader etc. I've no experience with them. I think NT is also a sponsor here, check the boards here.
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