A method or indicator you have discarded!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by inandlong, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. Dragn


    I've only seen a few that really makes a living. Most are out in a couple of months or in days.

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  2. lol... (I think tampa did, too.) :D

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  3. vinigar


    I got rid of :Time and Sales. Stao's, Level II, MAs...just about everything, except for some volume , candles and Bollinger Bands.

    Of course the Braille has been working pretty good:D
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  4. Ditch


    I used to trade the NQ, nowadays i trade ES, I've come to adapt to it the chop of the Es, giving me more opportunities than the NQ.
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  5. "I used to be big into Insider Trading, but I've been forced to discard that completely for...legal reasons.

    Now, when two Moving Averages cross, I put a pack of cigarettes on the weight bench and hope Jimmy the One-Eyed MarketMaker doesn't give me too much slippage.

    Wait, that didn't come out right..."

    One of the funniest paragraphs I have read yet on this thread!

    I used to use MA`s exclusively, but I would get these buy and sell signals with no follow through to be found..that led me to confirm the MA`s with MACD, phase histogram,SK-SD and one prop indicator that if I told you about I would have to kill you
    90% of my trades are done using 5minute candles for entry/exit. The other 10% are swing trades using the daily chart.
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  6. I got rid of CNBC, most oscillators, ma crosses, and reverse against the trend mentality.
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  7. Wow. That's impressive. Futures are so technically based (as compared to stocks) that I could never dump my charts. I'm helpless without them. I do use time and sales to get a picture of the size and frenzy of trading at given levels, but my charts are my bread and butter. I use 1, 5, 15, and 60 time frames, all ES.


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  8. Most Bright traders when I was there traded by tape reading. Many were long time vets and quite consistent. Not all of them traded in a hyper fashion though.

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  9. :cool:

    [1]Have discarded most of CNBC-about 51% or more. To be honest I like and agree still with much what Art Cashin [Cashin In]says.

    [2]Do double check them and myself on the charts & time & sales.

    [3]It's been along time since I've heard 30 minutes of CNBC=30 minutes of Bloomberg T.V.
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  10. I finally turned the lights on ... no more candlesticks.
    I turned the volume completely off.
    I became a minute man ( 1 min bar chart )

    Trading got better, but my sex life sure went to hell ! :D :D :D
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