A method or indicator you have discarded!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by inandlong, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. doher


    might work better with a black light and some Jimi Hendrix posters.

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  2. me too, but I only trade es so it's just one quote line
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  3. Pabst


    Me too nitro. There are days I don't even open up my charts. But I want to read the tape in as many key componants of ES and NQ as I can.
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  4. Wow, this tape-reading is beginning to pick up steam. These guys at the prop firms trading a bazillion shares a day, which is still less than a gazillion, tend to be tape readers.

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  5. Pabst


    Inandlong. Even though 99% of my career has been in futures, I am not convinced that "futures lead" is even close to an absolute statement. If the mkt opens off sharply on CSCO earnings, then CSCO is leading, and I want to see if it's holding the break, bouncing, bringing other shit down with it ect.
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    LOL, ooh low blow sarasota :)
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  7. When I first saw point and figure charting, I thought John Madden was now doing trading commentary. I banished it to a corner somewhere.

    Picked it up again several months ago and a light came on, at least for longer time frames. Bars and candles can show the same thing, but it's a lot simpler for my feeble brain to follow the signals off the PnF.

    I use daily PnF, on stock, sector, and market, to guide my long-term direction. I trade in and out based on other TA, but only in the direction of that longer trend. Granted, I don't trade as often now, but I'm doing much better.
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  8. except price, time, volume, and breadth
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  10. I used to be big into Insider Trading, but I've been forced to discard that completely for...legal reasons.

    Now, when two Moving Averages cross, I put a pack of cigarettes on the weight bench and hope Jimmy the One-Eyed MarketMaker doesn't give me too much slippage.

    Wait, that didn't come out right...
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