A message to the world.

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  1. Stop blaming America for this mess and take some fucking responsibility!

    1. Nobody forced IKB Germany to disregard all risk management and force toxic debt onto it's balance sheets. This goes for many other non-US banks.

    2. Europe had a housing bubble that was worse than the one in the U.S. I'm not just talking Ireland and Spain. There are houses in Bavaria not even going for 10,000 EUR.

    2. The level of schadenfreude felt by the world against the U.S. when the decoupling theory was being propagared was at extreme levels. Getting cocky always gets you into trouble.

    3. Remember when the USD was to be replaced by 'quality' currencies like the RUB, NZD, MXN? This was a lie/bubble. The USD is coming back with a vengance.

    4. While EU politicians were bitching, Bernanke cut rates to almost nothing, preparing for the deflationary shit storm that was about the come. He knew exactly what he was doing and played a beautiful game of chess, fooling even top hedge fund managers.

    Anti-Americanism is reaching extremes. When there is a problem in the world, blame the U.S., right?

    The U.S. mint has been around since 1792. At that time Europe was in a mess. Who is really the new kid on the block when it comes to this economic game/war?
  2. Thank you Bush!

    Vote republican if you hate America!
  3. Same for NObama.

    Vot "none of the above" if you LOVE America..
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    fortunatly world is changing and USA will be 1/2 importatnt then it was bevore... we all outside USA will be better.
  5. Yes,
    Short & Naked, your ID says all about your confidence in US Equity markets.
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    Yep, why not. You make an easy target :)

    Countries have always bickered amongst themselves. Chill out and get over it.

    For example, you or anyone else can bash my country (England) all you want, won't both me.
  7. Well, at least you do have us beat in CCTV cameras per citizen ratio......but we are trying to catch up!!! :eek:


  8. I was refering to my body.

  9. This is different. The U.S. has been the receiver of bashing now more than ever from the world (i.e. cry babies). The entire world always thinks its smarter and then ends up getting bailed out.
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    What the fuck are you babbling about? Debating with invisible enemies?
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