A Message to Racialists

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  1. Racialists facinate me. They complain about the Jews. They complain about blacks. They complain about gays. They even complain about fellow whites. It is amusing to read the books and rationalizations for their complaints.

    Racialists do not seem to be politically smart. Perhaps a reading of the 48 Laws of Power ( written by a Jew) would aid them.

    What is sounds like to all of you racialists out there is that you are complaining that you being beaten soundly in the game of nation building. Nation building is very much like chess in that it is necessary to think several moves ahead of your opponents in order to win.

    Racialists appear to be perpetually surprised. Then they whine about it. If Jews control the media, and politics, and banks, it is because they thought out their moves several years, maybe even generations, in advance.

    I admire Jews precisely because they are so resilient. The racialist would point out that Jews are evil. As a student of history, I know of no ethnic group that has not been evil at some point in their collective history.

    Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany, I understand that. But he made several well documented tactical errors. This means that the Jewish collective is ultimately better equipped for survival, especially the Zionists.

    I smell fear in racialists. I think that they understand genetics enough to realize that someday, everyone will be a shade of brown. So they complain about intermarriage.

    Racialists are whiners, so it would seem. They put a message out there that most sane people would recognize as unviable over the long term. Isolation will ultimately lead to destruction. No empire that has tried it has been successful.

    As I end this post, be aware that racialists are not limited to the Klan. All ethnic groups have racialists in them, and they will all meet with the same fate. Failure.

    Any and all racialists are welcome to debate this matter.

    Best Regards
  2. so given your logic you embrace organized crime... because they outsmarted law abiding people and used murder and violence to get what they wanted? interesting slant.
  3. Excellent post. They are fighting a losing battle and I believe they probably know it.
  4. What about people who whine about racialists? What are their prospects?

    And, do blacks whine? Do homosexuals whine? The discussion is of course incomplete without commentary on these issues.

  5. Of course while the Jews are highly successful and significantly over-represented in these and many other areas (i.e.
    At least 176 Jews have been awarded the Nobel Prize, accounting for 23% of all individual recipients and constituting 37% of all US recipients
    ) they certainly don't dominate and don't control them. Politics is a good example - with 2% of the American population Jews constitute 11% of the U.S. Senate...but 89% of the U.S. Senate are non-jews so it's hard to imagine that 11% control and dominate the Senate.

    Not that I expect these Nazis and KKK pigs calling themselves racialists to be interested in facts and common sense, they are blinded by their hatred.
  6. What about people who whine about racialists? What are their prospects?

    What are there prospects? To get a govt grant and provide sensitivity training.
  7. do you embrace the mafia? figures.
  8. Your defense of so-called racialists is noted, then again your religious leader Ron Paul accepts their donations so I am not really shocked. The fact that you've failed to condemn any one of dozens of openly antisemitic threads they have started in the last couple of days also speaks volumes about your true views. Of course you were very quick to condemn me when I outed spect8or as a Nazi.
  9. Shagi


    Is it racists or racialists?:confused:
  10. i see... so.. my inactions condemn me. what would you like me to condemn? give me tangible issues.

    and what "racialist" issue have i defended?

    i have refused to play the "race bait" game... and i am not going to play it now. doodoo.. to be honest, you are one of the biggest "racialist" on this site, wael has exposed you consistently.
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