A message to Obama from an Israeli woman

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sameeh55, Jan 20, 2009.

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  2. i did not knew Israel is part of United States of America! :p

    btw, it seems to be Palestinian women and not Israeli women.
  3. Tums


    no, United States of America is part of Israel !
  4. She is an Israeli woman in and out. Ask other Israeli guys and they will tell you about the group called "Machsoum Watch."
  5. zdreg


    is she jewish?
  6. Yes! 100%. From a group called "Machsoum watch" (Check point watch)
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    1. Please explain why the President of the U.S. should get involved.

    2. what can be accomplished

    3. how

    4. what are the chances it will work.

  8. A perfect example of how much a pussy you really are.

    It is hilarious that a man with the mind and sensitivity of a 10 year old girl trys to debate the matters of war.

    Why don't you go and paint your nails or cut someone's hair?

    Maybe even create a women's support group?
  9. We have John Walker Lindh - the American Taliban, Israel has a few fringe anti-Israeli weirdos too with access to youtube where they can post their absurd drivels. What's a big deal?

    Machsom Watch has been accused by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), some non-governmental organizations, individual soldiers, and soldiers' mothers of disrupting the operation of checkpoints, showing hostility, and shouting derogatory comments and curses toward the troops, as well as making false accusations against them.[6][7][10] NGO Monitor has accused the group of "using emotive and politically charged language that contributes to the demonization of Israel."[6] In fall 2008, company commanders in the Military Police's Taoz Battalion began filming Machson Watch's activities as a result of repeated complaints from soldiers that Machson Watch and similar organizations were disrupting the work at the checkpoints and entering restricted areas without permission.[11]

    According to Yossi Olmert, a political commentator, Machsom Watch volunteers "disrupt the work of soldiers at checkpoints who are trying, not always successfully, to prevent the entry of terrorists."[7] Soldiers have protested against an invitation extended by the IDF to Machsom Watch to speak at an army base, seeing the invitation as inappropriate mixing of politics into the military service.[12]

    and here is the root cause of all problems: