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  1. Rowshan is calling for a higher stock market monday. If you're a "trader" this means you buy and go long monday's action. This is a trading call, and it belongs in the "trading" forum of elitetrader.

    Peace to all and good luck.
  2. Rowshans Report does

    1) NOT need the assistance of the futures market to help it tell the outcome of tomorrow's trading

    2) Will NOT predict the direction AFTER the market has opened

    Rowshan is real.
  3. 1335 tomorrow. Long ES, short 30Y, short CL, long USD.
  4. Yes! Thank you Atticus! You know you are always welcome here. Many thanks for posting and I encourage you to post more. This thread is about substance. No market calls after the market has opened. These are good ole fashioned Before The Fact market calls.

    And look at that, we are on the same side.
  5. monday will close down.

  6. Going? I thuoght my first post IS a call.
  7. And looky here! marketsmurfer! OK, you're welcome here too. But answer me this: who was more right on crox? Your short @ $48 or mine @ $67 ??

    ps marketsmurfer, i have no objection to you, but I do find that your calls are way to doom and gloom. That's not exactly the way the market works and not the best ideology for profits in this trading environment.
  8. Hmmm....looks like we have a bit of a contest between Mr. Rowshan and Mr. Rennick.

    Setting humor aside, may the best man win!

    P.S. Mr. Rowshan, just one market call per day? No midday call?


    "And your stop is?" - Buy1Sell2 :)
  10. :)
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