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  1. The Junior moderator has deleted my post because i criticized his new modus operandi of attaching (like a virus infection) his message to all of rawfists posts, informing all to click on it to put rawfist on their ignore lists, and another "click here" message to complain about him. All shamelessly illustrating Tums bias towards J Hershey, while punishing anyone who opposes J H.

    Now Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know that rawfist has become a troll, no argument here, but is this new type of editing from the mods the direction we want to go? Are we not grown men and women who can use the ignore feature at our discretion? Is this site not at the Apex of freedom of information?

    Now I know how some of you might feel, after all, who cares about a troll?

    Well I tell you this, today a troll, tomorrow it could be you! or I.

    Today it could be a link to ignore and complain a troll attacking Jack, tomorrow it could be because your system is not SCT, or because your not on the same political isle, or because a mod simply feels like it?


    folks.... im just a simply country duck, yet Tums savagely deleted my polite, cordial post to him, no one is safe!

    It is why I'm asking you, all my dear fellow traders, to join me, and take up this cause to keep this site number one.
    We know this site is free, and that Baron can run it anyway he likes, with any rules, no one argues that. What we want, is for this site to remain the BEST!!

    It is why we ask Baron, to please stop Tums from taking this site to a direction of dictatorship..... and to relieve Tums of his duties.

    I, your humble servant, will take up my patriotic duty and HEREBY ANNOUNCE I AM RUNNING FOR MODERATOR, if the people support me!!!
  2. Tums


    Your post was deleted because it was OT.

    Moderating a Software thread is no different from moderating an Elliot Wave thread.
    I couldn't care less if you believe EW is voodoo or Hershey is voodoo.
    If you are the OP, you can set the topic and pretty well say anything you want within that subject matter.

    If you are not the OP, and you OT... that's a different story.
    If nobody complains about your OT... I couldn't care less either.
    If someone complains your OT... then I have to step in.

    There are hundreds of posts throughout ET that are disagreements and arguments with Jack Hershey. You don't see them touched... that's because they are on topic in their threads. There is no place for dictator censorship at ET.

    Regarding the thread “How to Build an Automated Trading System“: the OP has specifically asked me to keep the thread on topic. (Please see his first post for purpose of thread.) I will do my best to maintain that thread on topic.
    Please start your own thread if you want to take the discussion to a different direction, If you start a thread, and want me to moderate your thread to make sure it is on the topic of your choice, I would be obliged to do so.

    Regarding the option to put rawfist on ignore: instead of deleting rawfist's OT post, which you would surely cry censorship, I have given readers a chance to review his post, then to have the option to put him on ignore if they wish. People who have enough of him and don't want to see his posts anymore can put him on ignore. I am sure those who like his posts (eg. Duckie) will not click on that button.

    Thank you for your concern though. I have always enjoyed your contribution, especially those back in 2006.
  3. Hmmmm very good response Tums, especially the part about liking my posts. Kudos for proper use of child psychology. Am afraid you short circuited any attempt in my part for a meaningful retort. As far as I enjoying rawfist’s constant attacks on Jack, I do not and have stated such a few times. Rawfist repeats the same thing over and over and it becomes mundane, lacks creativity.

    So upon further review of the matter, I now stand corrected and agree that my post should’ve been deleted.

    (Especially when no one bit this bit)
  4. I put rawfits on ignore days ago and I can't tell you how nice it is to not see any of his garbage anymore :)
  5. doli


    I've had Tums on ignore for ages. What's the problem?
  6. Get real Tums, you're the new callmate.

    You posted one of Hershey's diagrams in the ATS thread and IluvVol asked the following question about it:

    Which I answered with the following, to include the source document for the diagram. So let me get this straight... the diagram and question aren't OT but my reply is OT? I guarantee you wouldn't have censored it if the equity curve was positive.

    This was my censored reply:

    No, this is Jack's broken concept of the price, volume relationship and is described in the attached paper, "Catch Up with Tomorrow's Paper Today." Stocks are scored using price, volume and A/D and the scores can range from 0 to 7.

    I used Spydertrader's code for the scoring and tested buying the "0 to 7 turn" that's shown in that diagram. I sold each stock 5 days later and got the equity curve below. (5 days worked better than 1,2,3, or 4 days).

    I had to exit after 5 days instead of at the "4 to 3 turn" because the model is so broken that the transitions from 4 to 3 are VASTLY outnumbered by the 0 to 7 transitions... enough to make the average trade last for YEARS. Which means that this concept is at odds with reality.

    Of course Jack and his followers attacked my methodology and said it should have been applied to a prescreened "universe" of stocks but there's NO MENTION of that in the paper.... see for yourself. Jack also said I should have sold at the "4 to 3 turn" but I already explained why that won't work.
    <img src=http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=2014607>
  7. As I said, Tums is the new callmate.
  8. Tums


    If you want to discuss your Hershey testing process and results, please start your own thread.
  9. Oh please... do you think we're that stupid?

    I simply answered a question on a thread that you moderate but it wasn't flattering to Hershey so you censored it. Your attempt to obfuscate this only confirms your bias.

    YOU posted one of Hershey's diagrams in the ATS thread and IluvVol asked the following question about it:

    How can the diagram and question be on topic, but my reply be deemed off topic? Answer: opposing views are not allowed.... calling them OT is only cult speak for censorship.
    #10     Sep 22, 2008
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