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  1. I really hope you guy's in Canada carefully review China's belligerence in the South China Sea before
    allowing approval for Nexen merger. In case you missed it-China has recently annexed a large portion of
    the SCS without any debate with the UN or consultation with its immediate neighbors. Rich fishing grounds
    that were traditionally in Phillipine and Vietnamese waters China now considers her own-and has dispached her
    formidable navy to seal the deal. What kind of reaction should the civilized world have?? Is this something that
    we should ignore and sweep under the rug? After all, China is now the supreme banker to the USA and to much of the world. Is China's supreme importance as the lead economic locomotive greater than the moral imperative of recognizing
    and inforcing maritime laws and boundries established sine the end of WWII?
  2. As compared to what - Russian belligerence in Chechnya? US belligerence in Iraq?
  3. a) China did not invade waters that were clearly defined as belonging to any other South Asian country. Thus your claim is factually incorrect. The territory in question is contested by several Asian countries thus its far from established whose landmass it should be considered to belong to.

    b) What business has the fuxxing US with a deal between CNOOC bidding for Nexen, a purely Canadian company? A US senator writing a letter urging a blocking of the deal? You gotta be kidding me. Who is a little too territorial here? China or the US?

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    There is more than Senator's letter. There is some subsidiary or holder of assets related to the U.S and this might legally allow Senate to block the deal.

    U.S is moving more modern military assets to Asia.
  5. that is the biggest bollocks I have ever heard. Senate, the US armed forces, even the president can do WHATEVER THEY WANT but they have ZERO LEGAL ABILITY TO BLOCK THIS DEAL. Since when can France or the UK or Germany block a deal between Apple and some other third country based company just because they dont like the deal. Hilarious to say the least!!!

  6. Well Maxi . . . ?
    A message no less , loud and clear.
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    China is also a net importer of Oil and being punished by the generally high [a lot higher than the Clinton era] prices. China is also a manufacturing district selling stuff to US and European economies that are not buying much.. China has raw sewage in 75% of their waterways and tens of thousands of riots per year for that matter.
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    China owns USA. So what is the big deal about some small southern countries?
  9. @ point A, they don't have to invade all they have to do is have their patrol boats (yes they have be biggest navy in the area) running around the area mopping up any foreign fishermen from the neighboring country and holding them hostage. It's basically stifle the fishing industry of neighboring countries. Did you have a chance to see some of their political maps? They're hungry for resources so I'm not surprise of their expansionist policies. In the future, Europe is broke, US also broke, so they will have much less opposition and will stake their own claims. But, of course, another Chinese revolution like the one in 1911 could change the entire dynamic.

    Western companies only know of profit and the Chinese would gladly exchange money for something much better: Influence and control.