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    Hello friends, i've completed my algo development and starting managed funds. for startup capital, i decided to sell some valuable pieces, for startup capital.

    [​IMG] The King EA

    A masterpiece. Includes 8+ years of EURUSD experience, including AI and ecocomics. Aware of europe and us banking sessions and take care of each session's individual trend.

    This expert advisor tries to collect 5-6 pip targets during a trend. Trend is determined using some smoothed moving averages.

    Trade decision is made by some standart indicators like Stochastics, ATR and CCI. Decisions are made at bar openings.

    Some special time and price filters applied, to eliminate critical trades. Aware of major news, exits from the market, before a critical news released.

    S‌ince noise (here major news and parts of eu/us bank sessions) is eliminated from the signal, expected to be compatible with forward data continiously.


    • Timeframe:M15
    • Pairs:EUR/USD, GBP/USD
    • Trade Style:Trend scalper
    EA Parameters:

    • TakeProfit:Target pips for each order. Default: 5.5 pips
    • StopLoss:Stop loss value for each order. Default : 70 pips
    • Risk:Defines leverage used for each order. Default: x25
    • LotFixed:if Risk is set to zero, ea trades using fixed lot parameter. Default: 1
    • RuHourBack:if your MT4 terminal hour is back from original MetaQuotes MT4 hour, use this parameter. example: if your MT4 terminal hour is back 1 hour from MQ MT4, you should set RuHourBack=1 (EA avoids to trade at some critical hours).
    Technical Details:

    • Broker Selection:ECN brokers with max 0.7 pip EUR/USD, 0.9 pip GBP/USD spreads should be preferred
    • Testing:You can test this EA, using M1 every tick mode. All timeframes are hard coded internally. M15 test/run matches with M1 every tick test/run.
    Unique Properties:

    • Price independent parameters: Heavy economy knowledge included.
    • Awareness of critical times:Dynamically decides critical times (major news) and exits from the market.
    • Time discretization:To force MQL4 strategy tester, fully compatible with future tests/run, some discretization methods used. (M1, M5, M15 tests with all options are almost equal. This make backtests stable and compatible with forward tests).



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    PT 5.5, SL 50 - lol. 2 consecutive losers mean you need over 20 consecutive profitable trades just to breakeven. And it will happen, backtests are backtests. 93% profitable screams "avoid" as well. Good luck with your marketing.
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  3. I agree, d08
    He personally lost me at "Hello friends" o_O:vomit:
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    Love the hat.

    "Nobody beats the Wiz"!
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  5. Who else gets flashbacks of your newbie days?
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    When i saw the average profit being quite abit less than the average profit per trade then i knew the game was over because no one can sustain a win rate of over 90% for any lenght of time to make such average loss/profit profitable.
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    It's possible to have a 90% win rate...of course you have to be OK with a catastrophic loss from time to time :D
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    I have had a 70% to 80% but it is not easy. On some days i have had 100%. But it is extremely diifficult to maintain such a high level rate. Over months and years.
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  10. Correct, it is ok for losers to be larger than winners as long as the overall expectancy is positive.
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