A massacre is about to take place in Egypt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sameeh55, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Within any minute now.
  2. Eye witnesses reports scores of cars and micro buses filled with what the Egyptians call "Baltajeyah" heading toward Liberty square. He is not going leave before taking the lives of young people's lives with him.
  3. Some are probably escaped prisoners. [​IMG]
  4. In the thousands. Some of the captured ones admitted to being released from jail and promised that they will be pardoned for their previous crimes and whatever new crime they will commit against these young boys and girls.
  5. I do hope you are wrong.

  6. pspr


    The army won't let it happen. They also don't want to fight Israel or lose U.S. support. The Egyption army generals will decide who will lead the next government
  7. You mean kind of how you told us that an invasion of Iran was "eminent" and certain a few years ago, based on your "inside tip"? LMAO!!! You know, under your WAEL0 alias?

    Nahhhh, Arabic Muslims massacring people?? No way... Get outa here... Who'd ever believe that?? LMAO!!!