A major question about this new gun control

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  1. Walmart has just succumbed to the Bloomberg gun control crowd and put in place a number of new rules designed to limit certain gun sales.

    A question immediately arose when I saw one of these new rules. It is that guns will not be sold to someone who previously bought a gun and was "used in a crime".
    Well, I learned a few things from Bill Clinton and I know there is a difference between "used committing a crime" and "used in a crime".

    What I am getting at here is that in some states, Indiana being one, guns are confiscated by police that are used by anyone using the gun during the course of a crime. This Includes someone defending themselves, not just the perp of a crime.

    So, we may be seeing the rather perverse, (but wholly expected from the gun control crowd) situation where a person that has used a gun in defending himself from a bad guy attempting to commit a crime, being unable to buy another one. Please tell me this is not true.
  2. walmart is now turning over video tape of gun buyers during their purchase at chinaMart stores. this has nothing to do with crimes or criminal suspicion.
  3. Who in the name of all that is holy buys their weps at Walmart? You always go to same local gun place where the cops buy their equipment. No worries ...no problems.

  4. They are reported to be the largest gun seller in the US.
  5. This that right? I didn't know that.

  6. Walmart is taking the easy way out here. I think they have been so under attack from the left for so long, they just view appeasement as the best option. The leftists have been after them for years because they are non-union, so this is just a continuation of that campaign using a different tool to attack them. It's sad because they could have stood up to the gun control nazis, but now Bloomberg and his gun grabbers will argue that if Walmart did it, all gun sellers should.
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    Are you sure you got your facts right buddy?????

    a]Never saw WMT sell used guns @ all;
    only new gun sales. And a FED court has recently ruled a San Fran CA gun ban illegal.

    z] I am a NRA life member,contributor to JPFO[Jews For Possession of Firearms Ownership;]
    but thought it is interesting, the lack of regulation @ guns shows /sales, they say.Personaly prefer local dealer if used;he promises performance & is a gunsmith also.

    b]Bloomberg gives great stock quotes.....;
    last i heard of his gun work, VA just passed a law basically telling him to stay out of VA, & mind his own business.:cool:
  8. I didn't say they were selling used guns. You must have had one eye on a trade whilst you were reading this. :D
  9. Yeah, and what's all this about a waiting period? I think that guns should be sold at the check-out counter, where people are inclined to make impulse purchases. And they should be preloaded so that they can be put to use immediately if the customer is so inclined. On the plus side, perhaps some rude people will be discouraged from jostling ahead of the line. Also, consumer advocates would probably support this idea because it would enable the customer to better negotiate prices with the check-out clerk, what with the customer always being right (and armed). And, of course, because we are talking about the Second Amendment, there can be no possible downside.
  10. sometimes... you need a gun in a hurry... overnight things can change on a <s>dime</s> half dollar.

    On November 11, 1938, the Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, passed Regulations Against Jews' Possession of Weapons. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews of the right to possess firearms or other weapons.

    "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing."

    - Adolf Hitler
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