A major evolutionary change observed in lab grown E coli

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  2. The Objectivist: Look at a jaguar. Now look at a cheetah. Do you think the two animals are in any way related?

    The Believer: Sure they are. They're both big cats.

    The Objectivist: Okay. Now look at a monkey, then look at a human. Do you think the two animals are in any way related?

    The Believer: God created man.
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    I believe it was also Orgel who, in a now famous experiment, was the first to demonstrate evolution in the laboratory. Quite a few years ago now.

    The problem of getting from one specie to another still perplexes. Some still believe in the single origin for all life hypothesis -- though most leave the question open, as did, in fact, Darwin -- and of course early hypotheses were consciously or subconsciously influenced by religious myth.

    There is growing support for parallel paths of evolution stemming from multiple origins which could explain the problem of species quite nicely, and at the same time that hypothesis would address the problem of explaining the higher than expected rate of evolution if the single origin hypothesis is correct.

    And too, there are those, myself included, that think it is highly likely that there were myriad origins, perhaps on the order of a googleplex, and it is even possible that origins of life are presently operative on the Earth.

    As one bit of evidence for multiple independent life origins there exist very primitive organisms having non-redundant, but different codons for the same amino acid. It seems statistically improbable that these organisms could have shared a common origin.

    We humans have redundant codons, so the multiple origin hypothesis is not ruled out by human genetics, it is simply left unanswered.

    It is even possible that the races within species had separate origins, though that is an idea given little credence by most evolution geneticists.

    The concept of a single origin for all life, is less and less supported by the available evidence as more information becomes available. Stay tuned.