A long in Jcom

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  1. Quite oversold at these levels IMHO. If you bought @ all time high you could be in trouble. I initiate a long position @ $ 29.30. Just waiting for my critics to step on the scene. :cool:
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    I would guess that it is a little early to get in long. I like to wait for some confirmation that it is moving up, and on these issues that are way down overnight they give a lot of false signals before an actual run-up sometimes. I see a lot of volume at the $34 level, it could run up to there rather quickly when it moves, getting in at the right time so as to not tie up your capital unnecessarily would be the key here. What kind of holding period are you expecting?
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    My bet is that you are good at 29.30. It also popped up on my alerts. A sharp intraday downturn after prolonged daily weakness in a good stock often attracts attention and gets things started. JCOM has a ton of shorts and there could be a nice sqeeze setting up. It's time for them to take a hike and give us longs a ride.
  4. SMTL long. That sucker is gonna follow AMKR and TER right up to 10.00 by EOW.

  5. You might be right regarding my entry. Speaking about holding period, I can't say, because I play the hand that is given to me. So my critics say I have no plan. Maybe days or weeks, hopefully not years. :p

    I will give an update.
  6. Trade done. Just sold a few seconds ago. Average price @ 30.10.

    Gain: 2,7% within 1 day. :p

    And still the possibility to reenter whenever I want.
  7. I'm well aware of the fact that there are a lot of people that just hate me, because I don't follow their "rules" and their "main trading axiom" and their "plan" and still make money.

    And the list goes on:


  8. Oh yeah...thats nothing watch this. I'll make 10% between now and Friday.

    EYW long. 8.71

    Got a huge contract last month. Stock making a 52 week high today after some consolidation. Breaking out on 3X normal volume as well. No analyst coverage....it's off an running.



    Off to the races on a whopping 40K shares.

    Long in the IRA.

  9. Don't get me wrong, but this EYW thing is a low volume stock in my eyes, anyway I will keep an eye on it until friday, good luck. :)
  10. Hopefully this ain't a Turtle Soup.
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